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Elizabeth Module 1: Queen, Government and religion, 1558-69

In this module you will revise;


  1. The situation in England on Elizabeth’s accession to the throne (including the structure of society and government, the problems of legitimacy, gender and marriage, and challenges due to finances and the Scottish connection to the French)

  2. The religious ‘settlement’ (the role of the Church in the daily lives of people, religious divisions in England by 1558 and Elizabeth’s religious settlement of 1559 - including its features and impact)

  3. Challenges to the religious settlement (reasons for the Puritan challenge/opposition and the Catholic opposition, including the role of the nobility, Papacy and foreign powers)

  4. The ‘problem’ of Mary, Queen of Scots (Her claim to the throne, arrival in England and relations between Elizabeth and Mary until 1569)

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