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American West Module 2: Development of the plains, 1862-76

In this module you will revise;


  1. The development of settlement in the West (Significance of Civil War and rebuilding after it, Homestead Act (1862), Pacific Railroad Act (1862) and the completion of it, solving problems faced by homesteaders, Timber Culture Act (1873), Law and order in the settlements (later), attempted local and federal solutions)

  2. Ranching and the cattle industry (Growth of the cattle industry, including roles of Iliff, McCoy, Goodnight and the significance of Abilene and growth in railway use, impact of ranching on the cowboy and rivalry between ranchers and homesteaders)

  3. Changes in the way of life of the Plains Indians (Impact of railroads, cattle ranching and prospecting on the Natives, U.S government policy to the Natives (including reservations, Grant’s Peace Policy of 1868), conflict with the Plains Indians - including: Little Crow’s War (1862), Sand Creek Massacre (1864), Red Cloud’s War (1866-68) and the Fort Laramie Treaty (1868)

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