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URGENT: Thanks to a recommendation from a pupil we are now aware of an app called Gojimo, which is available on Android and iOS. The course you guys are sitting is OCR History B. Please click on one of the links below to access the app or find it on your app store...

History Documentary Websites:



There are loads of documentaries on all of the key periods in History that you study on here, particularly Russian, German and British History. The terror, Iraq and collapse of the USSR sections also have good cover. Search key events and key names to find relevant material.




As you know this site is ram packed with lots of material, although much is difficult to find.




This site is as good as hotdocumentaries.com, but has a wider range of articles, historical sources and other materials (including useful links!

Links to other useful websites:





This website is full of quizzes and jazzy revision ideas to get you sorted! For exam skills stick to lesson content though.




Get on this, get logged in, and you will find that you have been assigned all the relevant quizzes in relation to your modules until the end of your GCSE career! You can even whack a mole, or play a selection of other games for those of you who like a bit of distraction :)




not specifically tied into our course specifically, but generally an excellent website which includes many of our topics - sometimes with extra detail, for those of you with the extra ooomph!




This website contains an app for History GCSE which contains quizzes relating to every topic on the course (to unlock full content the cost is 1.99) and ALL past papers




This website is awesome for the British Depth Study section of the course and contains downloadable podcasts and exam strategies in relation to the OCR course.

Past Papers:




Alright people, this is where it is at, all of the practice exam stuff is here. To practice exam questions simply open the past paper section and to mark them you must find the corresponding mark scheme by using the code/year/month. There are easier materials available through your teacher(s), but you might need this if you simply exhaust everything you have been given, or lost it! (you know who you are!)