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American West Module 3: Conflicts and Conquest, 1876-95

In this module you will revise;


  1. Changes in farming, the cattle industry and settlement (The impact of new technology and farming methods, changes in farming including; the winter of 1886-87 and the end of the open range, Continued growth of settlement; the Exoduster movement and Kansas (1879), the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1893)

  2. Conflict and tension (How effective were the solutions to problems of law and order; Sheriffs and marshals, Significance of Billy the Kid, OK Corral (1881), Wyatt Earp, the Johnson County War of 1892, conflicts at; The Battle of Little Big Horn (1876) and Wounded Knee Massacre (1890))

  3. The Plains Indians; the destruction of their way of life (The hunting and extermination of the buffalo, reservations, changing government attitudes towards the Natives, including the Dawes Act (1887) and the closure of the Indian Frontier)

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