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Germany 1918-39 Module 3: Nazi control and dictatorship, 1933–39

In this module you will revise;


  1. The creation of a dictatorship, 1933–34 (The Reichstag Fire. The Enabling Act and the banning of other parties and trade unions. The threat from Röhm and the SA, the Night of the Long Knives and the death of von Hindenburg. Hitler becomes Führer, the army and oath of allegiance.)

  2. The police state (The role of the Gestapo, the SS, the SD and concentration camps. Nazi control of the legal system, judges and law courts. Nazi policies towards the Catholic and Protestant Churches, including the Reich Church and the Concordat.)

  3. Controlling and influencing attitudes (Goebbels and the Ministry of Propaganda: censorship, Nazi use of media, rallies and sport, including the Berlin Olympics of 1936. Nazi control of culture and the arts, including art, architecture, literature and film.)

  4. Opposition, resistance and conformity (The extent of support for the Nazi regime. Opposition from the Churches, including the role of Pastor Niemöller. Opposition from the young, including the Swing Youth and the Edelweiss Pirates.)

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