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In this module you will revise;


  1. Ideas about the cause of disease and illness (Continuity and change in explanations of the cause of disease and illness. A scientific approach including the works of Thomas Sydenham in improving diagnosis. The influence of the printing press and the work of the Royal Society on the transmission of ideas)

  2. Approaches to prevention and treatment (Continuity in approaches to prevention, treatment and care in the community and in hospitals, change in care and treatment; improvements in medical training and the influence in England of the work of Vesalius)

  3. Module 2 case studies
    (Individual: William Harvey and the discovery of the circulation of the blood
    Situation: dealing with the Great Plague in London in 1665; approaches to treatment and attempts to prevent its spread)

Medicine in Britain Module 2: The Medical Renaissance (c1500-1700)

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