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In this module you will revise;

  1. Ideas about the cause of disease and illness (continuity and change in explanations of the cause of disease and illness. The influence in Britain of Pasteur’s Germ Theory and Koch’s work on microbes)

  2. Approaches to prevention and treatment (the extent of change in care and treatment; improvements in hospital care and the influence of Nightingale. The impact of anaesthetics and antiseptics on surgery. New approaches to prevention; the development and use of vaccinations and the Public Health Act of 1875.

  3. Module 3 case studies:
    (Key individual; Jenner and the development of vaccinations. Situation: Fighting Cholera in London, 1854; attempts to prevent its spread, the significance of Snow and the Broad Street pump.)

Medicine in Britain Module 3: Medicine between 1700-1900, in Britain

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