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What caused the invasion?

Legal? Why was it opposed?

Iraq War (2003)


Background: In Iraq during the 70's, 80's and 90's a dictator (who modelled himself on Stalin) called Saddam Hussein was the man in charge. He was a dictator who, for various reasons, treated large amounts of people living in his country badly. Iraq is a complex country with deep religious divides and a huge amount of natural oil reserves. During the 1980s America had supported Iraq in their war against Iran, but in 1991 this relationship broke down and George Bush (old one!) warred with Iraq. 12 years later George Bush Jr invaded Iraq for very different reasons.



With the Iraq war of 2003 there are 4 main issues which we will be studying:


1. Causes of the invasion

2. Was it legal? Why did many oppose it?

3. How and why was it completed so quickly

4. What were the consequences?


From these investigations you will be able to judge how much of a success and/or failure the invasion was and be able to justify why!

Why was it over so quickly?

What were the consequences?

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