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Lenin and the Bolsheviks rule Russia (1917-1924)


This period in Russia's History is seen by many to have been a HUGE event in world History as this was the first Communist country. Communism proceeded to spread to become the only notable political ideology other than Capitalism and has shaped events in world history ever since, including the Cold War. 


Russia suddenly became a place of huge change and literally overnight the lives of the peasants changed as they became land owners, the Bolsheviks pulled Russia out of WWI and the country began on an entirely experimental path aimed at making Russia a place without a class system. The idealists in the Bolshevik party wanted equality amongst the classes and for everyone to work for the good of the nation. As you can probably tell, this is my favourite part of Russia's History, so I will stop here and let you read on.


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Further research may be required to gain a full insight into how many Bolsheviks envisaged their country and tried to achieve it.

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