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In this module you will revise;


  1. Ideas about the cause of disease and illness (Advances in understanding the causes of illness and disease: the influence of genetic and lifestyle factors on health. Improvements in diagnosis: the impact of the availability of blood tests, scans and monitors)

  2. Approaches to prevention and treatment (the extent of change in care and treatment. The impact of the NHS and science and technology; improved access to care; advances in medicines, including magic bullets and antibiotics; high-tech medical and surgical treatment in hospitals. New approaches to prevention: mass vaccinations and government lifestyle campaigns)

  3. Module 4 case studies:
    (Key individual; Fleming, Florey and Chain’s development of penicillin
    Situation: The fight against lung cancer in the 21st century: the use of science and technology in diagnosis and treatment; government action)

Medicine in Britain Module 4: Medicine in modern Britain (1900-present)

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