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In this module you will revise;


  1. Ideas about the cause of disease and illness (Supernatural and religious explanations of the cause of disease, Rational explanations; the Theory of the Four Humours and the miasma theory; the continuing influence in England of Hippocrates and Galen)

  2. Approaches to prevention and treatment (Approaches to prevention and treatment and their connection with ideas about disease and illness; religious actions, bloodletting, purging, purifying the air and the use of remedies. New and traditional approaches to hospital care in the 13th century. The role of the physician, apothecary and barber surgeon in treatment and care provided within the community and hospitals, c1250-1500)

  3. Module 1 case studies (Situation: Dealing with the Black Death, 1348-49; approaches to treatment and attempts to prevent its spread)

Medicine in Britain Module 1: Medicine in medieval England (c1250-1500)

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