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Stalin's Russia: Control and Economic Policies (1929-53)


Stalin rose through the ranks of the Bolshevik party and was pivotal to them gaining power in 1917. Following Lenin's death in January 1924, Stalin began a 5 year leadership struggle within the Communist party, during which time he managed to remove all of his main rivals. His reign is seen as one of the most influential in Russian History and his legacy will never be forgotted in Russia! 


During his time as leader many millions of Russia's people perished due to his policies and decision making, however, it is likely that Russia would have lost WWII were it not for his rapid industrialisation programme (5 year plans). As a result of this, he is revered by some and despised by others.


One thing is conclusive and that is that without Stalin Russia would be a very different place today. 


To find out more about either how he controlled the population or his economic/agricultural policies then please click on either of the documents beneath.

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