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Opportunity and Inequality in America, 1918-1973 

(Paper 1 - Part A - 25%)

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The two documents below are the revision schedule for Y11 students sitting their exams in 2020-21. Please use the guides on module pages, Quizlet sets (see bottom of page) and other resources to support your revision!

This is the AQA GCSE home page. You study 4 modules in your GCSE (represented by the pictures in each corner of this page) and will sit two exams in total at the end of year 11.


Each module is worth 25% of your overall grade and, therefore, will require a range of well-balanced revision. To access revision materials for each module, simply click on the image of the module you want to revise and you will be taken to a dedicated page for that topic.

The modules you study are;

P1:A: Opportunity and Inequality in America, 1920-73

(25%, 1 hr, 40 marks. Contains; 3 interpretation Qs, 3 knowledge Qs, 1 hr, 40 marks)

Health and the People, c.1000 - Present day (Paper 2 - Part A - 25%)

Conflict and Tension: The first World War
 (Paper 1 - Part B - 25%)

P1:B: Conflict and Tension: The First World War, 1894-1918

(25%, 1 hr, 44 marks. Contains; 2 source Qs, 2 knowledge Qs)

Elizabethan England, c.1566-1603 (P2 - Part B - 25%)

P2:A: Health and the People in Britain, c.1000-Present

(25%, 1 hr, 44 marks. Contains; 1 source Q, 3 knowledge Qs)

P2:B: Elizabethan England, c1568-1603

(25%, 1 hr, 40 marks. Contains; 1 interpretation Q, 2 knowledge Qs and 1 case study Q The Armada site in 2020 and Kennilworth Castle in 2021)

To the left - Term and Definition cards (TD)

To the right - Question and Answer cards (QA)