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A New World (1969-2005)


This module is called the NEW WORLD, and consists of 3 smaller components, Terrorism, Collapse of the USSR and the Iraq War each worth about 7% of your GCSE. One of these is guaranteed to come up on the exam with questions worth a total of 15 marks. You will also have the option of the other two for the remaining 3 questions, worth a total of 20 marks. They will be in 3 question styles;

'Describe' (4 Marks),
'Explain' (6 Marks)
'How Far' (10 Marks),

totalling at 20 marks. It is absolutely essential that you are familiar with all 3 topics, as being caught out could cost you 20% of your marks on the paper - boo!


To access the revision guide for the correct module, simply click on the correct image on this page.

Collapse of the USSR

Terrorism (1969-2005)

The Iraq war (2003+)

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