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Russia 1905-41 

Welcome to the Russia 1905-41 home page. In your Paper 1 exam this section will be worth approximately 25% of your overall GCSE and just under 2/3 of the paper itself. From this page you can look up any one of the following 5 sections to do with Russia:


Why did the Tsarist regime collapse in March 1917?


Why did the Provisional Government fail to rule Russia well? (March-Oct 1917)


How did Lenin and the Bolsheviks gain and hold onto power from November 1917?


How did Stalin control Russia (USSR/Soviet Union) after 1928?


Were Stalin's economic policies a success or failure for the USSR? (1924-53)


All you need to do to access the correct booklet is click on the correct person above!



Tsar Nicholas II

Alexander Kerensky

Vladimir Ilyich


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